Boca Raton, Florida

The law firm of Jordan & Pascale, PL provides niche legal services to its clients throughout South Florida. The firm represents both businesses and individuals in Boca Raton in the areas of real estate law and business law as well as in litigation matters. Years of experience in these areas of law enable the attorneys at Jordan & Pascale to advocate for their clients in both real estate litigation and transactions.

Daniel T. Pascale, one of the partners in the firm, specializes in the areas of commercial litigation and real estate. He works with clients to understand their business or financial goals so that he and the firm can anticipate and resolve issues in ways that meet the needs of each client. Dan Pascale is available to meet with Boca Raton clients in the firm’s conveniently located downtown Delray Beach office.

Do you own real estate with someone else that you want to sell? Do you and your partners or family members disagree about how much money you should each get from selling the property? If so, you may not be able to resolve these problems without the assistance of an experienced attorney or, sometimes, a Judge. Daniel Pascale is experienced in resolving these types of issues. He is also experienced in filing partition lawsuits seeking just that type of relief. He knows how to quickly and efficiently address issues that arise in such circumstances to force the sale of a property or get the owners to agree to the terms of a sale.

In a partition case, the judge must decide what amount of money each owner receives. If the owners can’t agree on a price for the property, a judge can also determine what price is reasonable. In order for the judge to be able to make those decisions, attorneys, such as those at Jordan & Pascale, research both the facts and the law to get information to prove what their client is entitled to. They can obtain evidence through the discovery phase of the lawsuit to show how much each owner has paid to maintain the property, who has paid which bills and in what amounts. They can also locate real estate experts who can testify as to the value of the property so that, once the property is sold, each owner can get as much money as possible.

As one of the most prominent international beach communities, Boca Raton exudes luxury. Boca’s reputation was built on such activities as shopping at Mizner Park or the Town Center mall, fine dining at world-renowned restaurants and visiting both museum and music venues. Boca Raton also serves the international business community with hotels, office space (including corporate headquarters) and a thriving local airport. Although it may be known for its oceanfront estates, Mizner-inspired architecture and high wealth residents, Boca is also a family-friendly community with excellent schools, both private and public, and well-maintained parks such as Sugar Sand Park and Patch Reef Park. Florida Atlantic University and Lynn University also call Boca home.

The division of real estate and the sale of jointly held property is oftentimes complicated and fraught with issues. For a free consultation with an experienced partition lawyer in Delray Beach or Coral Gables, please contact Daniel T. Pascale on his direct line at 305.310.1170.