Asset Protection and Wealth Management

Asset Protection

Jordan + Pascale is a South Florida law firm comprised of highly experienced business attorneys and real estate lawyers. It has extensive background in the field of business law, making the law firm one of well-known names for legal support in the Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach areas.

One of Jordan + Pascale’s areas of focus is asset protection and wealth management. We counsel individuals and business entities on how to preserve their wealth using a variety of methodologies that aim to maintain, and even grow, the value of a client’s assets. The law firm also has a successful track record in assisting clients in wealth management and planning for growth, while minimizing risks. Our lawyers are accomplished at providing sound advice in exploring opportunities for business expansion.

Another constantly changing aspect of business is tax law. Jordan + Pascale is astute in the latest changes in state laws and federal laws that bear tax implications for the client. The firm aims to protect assets from taxes while keeping the client compliant to the law.

The law firm has also dealt with cases where professional liability became a threat to wealth and assets. In these situations, Jordan + Pascale explores all options possible before going into litigation proceedings.

Whether a client is new to asset development, or a person of high net worth, it benefits from the business advice and counsel of Jordan + Pascale’s expert team of lawyers. Business law is an integral part of Jordan + Pascale’s practice. We understand how unpredictable business can be: financial markets can fluctuate, professional relationships can change, opportunities can present themselves, and loss can happen at the blink of an eye. You can count on the attorneys at Jordan + Pascale for support and guidance with protecting your assets and wealth management.

Threats To Assets And Wealth

Money and assets are hard earned and they must be protected through all means necessary. Threats to asset and wealth should be anticipated through careful planning. Dealing with threats only when they have presented themselves is not advised.

Below are the two categories of the most common threats to a person or entity’s wealth and assets:

  • Professional liabilities can hit a business at any time. These are not only costly and time consuming, they can result in opportunity loss and decreased income. Trademark infringement lawsuits, sexual harassment lawsuits, discrimination accusations, faulty products, malpractice claims, breach of contract, and premise liability suits are some examples.
  • Sometimes, personal liability arising from an owner or a stockholder becomes the threat. Examples of such instances are divorce, accidents, injuries, social host liability, debt, medical issues, foreclosure, callable loans, and vicarious liability, to name a few.

Asset and wealth management is not a simple matter. It is a good strategy to work with legal counsel from the beginning of the business cycle to anticipate and prevent any untoward issues a business can face. Business attorneys at Jordan + Pascale can be an asset to a client’s assets by advising on proper legal entities, insurance, retirement accounts, titling, and if needed, asset disposal.