Property and Asset Manager Representation

Property and Asset Manager

Every experienced residential and commercial property investor knows that one of the crucial steps in owning property is developing a strategy that will turn their investment into an income generator. Property and asset management is crucial part of real estate ownership. With the right strategy and professional assistance, property managers can reduce operational risks, enhance property values, and improve their bottom line. The real estate lawyers at Jordan + Pascale frequently work with property and asset management firms in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties on various areas of their business such as leasing arrangements, vendor/contractor disputes, and tenant relations. Contact us for expert advice and counsel for your real estate needs.

Property and Asset Manager Representation

Real estate owners, developers, receivers, property managers, and other private and public companies in the Miami, Palm Beach, and Broward areas have a well-kept secret in Jordan + Pascale. The law firm’s business and real estate lawyers have provided solutions to numerous satisfied clients with property and asset manager representation. The firm also assists clients create an investment cycle, which helps accelerate business growth and future asset acquisition.

The real estate lawyers at Jordan + Pascale assist the entire spectrum of property managers, from owner-occupiers to institutional investors. The firm’s lawyers execute property-level strategies that optimize asset value and exceed their client’s expectations. Clients of the firm receive a full range of legal services which are timely, effective, and cost efficient. The firm regularly helps clients with leasing transactions, closings, lease negotiations, and tenant relations. The real estate lawyers at the firm make a concerted effort to understand their clients’ objectives in order to provide them with the solutions they desire.

The law firm’s end-goal is to offer cost-effective, pro-active legal representation so that our clients can continue to maximize the value of their assets. We specialize in counseling property and asset managers from acquisition through management operations and ultimately a sale of their property. Jordan + Pascale looks at the short-term and the long-term objectives of its clients to ensure they receive the exact results they desire. The firm’s real estate lawyers make sure that all their efforts achieve harmony with the client’s business objectives, while overseeing the fiscal and physical health of assets. Below are several areas of property and asset management strategy development and fulfillment that Jordan + Pascale assists its clients with:

  • Jordan + Pascale strives to arrive at cost-effective solutions which result in win-win resolutions, however, when litigation is called for Jordan + Pascale is ready and able to represent its clients in the State and Federal Courts.
  • Jordan + Pascale keeps the client’s short and long term goals in sight. The purpose of owning and adding assets is to increase net worth. This is achieved through proactive management and efficient operations.
  • The law firm involves the client’s key personnel during strategy development. It is important that the strategy has buy-in from all company players. This is a reassurance that the client’s goals for the property are on the same track as the company’s vision.

For support on asset and property management, contact Jordan + Pascale today for a free consultation.