Bid Protests and Public Procurement

Bid Protests

Public procurement and bid protests in South Florida are governed by the Florida Statutes, local regulations and codes, and the particular procurement documents drafted by the public body seeking bids. As such, each procurement process or bid dispute is highly dependent upon the unique circumstances in play. Consequently, whether you are seeking assistance in interpreting, defending or advocating for your rights under the public procurement process, it is important to retain an experienced bid protest lawyer.

Retaining an experienced bid protest lawyer as soon as issue arises is essential because bid protests occur under extremely quick deadlines. For example, bidders typically only have days to challenge final bid specifications or challenge who was awarded the bid. Bid protests and challenges to contract procurement and awards can be a tricky maze of complex statutes, rules, laws, and policies. By statute, bid protests are meant to move in the fast lane, and a business’ rights will be waived if there is inaction within a prescribed period. In fact, many bid protests are lost because the bidders fail to appreciate the incredibly strict time frames for filing a bid protest.

One of the best practices a business entity can have is to involve legal counsel in every stage of their business processes. With a skilled business attorney in its ranks, the business is able to protect its best interests from start-up, to growth opportunities, during times of dispute, and other endeavors such as participating in public and government bidding.

The lawyers at Jordan + Pascale have been in the business of representing individuals and companies in the Miami, Palm Beach, and Broward areas for over the last decade in bid protests. The law firm is experienced in handling government procurement, as well as bid protests governed by the Florida Administrative Procedure Act (APA), and litigated in before Florida’s Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH). Its bid protest lawyers are experienced in dealing with local government bid protests, as well as with government agencies such as the Department of Transportation, the Department of Children and Families, the Department of Education, the Office of Insurance Regulation, the Department of Financial Services, the Department of Health, and other relevant agencies who regularly conduct bidding procedures.

With the firm’s impressive track record, individuals and business in the South Florida area have come to rely on Jordan + Pascale to seek representation for disputes and government bid protests. Other law firms, lobbyists, technology firms, construction firms, and government service providers are a few of the industries that the law firm has successfully worked with.

Jordan + Pascale’s services in the area of bid protests and public procurement include, but are not limited to: representation for clients in contractual dealings at the federal, state, and local government level; drafting and reviewing proposals and documents for Invitation To Bid (ITB), Requests For Proposals (RFP), and Initiations To Negotiate (ITN). Through expert counsel, the firm helps clients know their rights when involved in any public procurement. It gives special consideration to protest early, assuring the client of a fair opportunity to prevail.

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