Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement

Negotiation is an effective business skill. Many individuals and companies have reached positive outcomes and amicable solutions through negotiating with other parties. That is why it is a great truth when it is said that in business and life, everything is negotiable.

Negotiation is even useful in the face of high debt and/or bankruptcy. Using the right strategies, we can negotiate your debt to reduce the outstanding principal balance to a figure that can be paid at once and in full or help you lower your payments so that they are more manageable. The mutual agreement reached will depend on your unique circumstances; however, you can count on the new agreement being an agreement that better suits your budget.

Debt Settlement Representation

Jordan + Pascale’s debt settlement lawyers have over two decades of combined experience dealing with lenders and negotiating favorable results for their clients. The Miami based debt settlement law firm has offered significant help to individuals, business entities, and institutions throughout South Florida in determining and structuring the best methods to reduce and manage debt. The law firm undertakes each case by learning its client’s objectives and formulating a custom tailored strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why Hire a Lawyer over a Debt Settlement Company?

Due to the recent economic turmoil, there has been an explosion in the number of non-lawyer debt settlement companies opening in the past few years. Those entitles are oftentimes staffed with low paid clerks that lack the necessary training and professional experience to obtain the results that you deserve. As such, it is now more important than ever to make sure that you receive the right help and advisement from an experienced debt settlement lawyer.

There are numerous advantages of hiring an experienced debt settlement lawyer over a non-lawyer debt settlement company. For example, debt settlement companies are usually staffed by telemarketers, rather than debt settlement professionals. As a result, the employees at debt settlement companies oftentimes do not possess the legal knowledge to evaluate the weaknesses of a lender’s position in order to best advocate for your interests. The true recourse is to hire a debt settlement lawyer who will work with only your best interests in sight.

The Advantages of Debt Settlement

The clear advantage of debt settlement is relief from a high amount of debt. However, there are also many other advantages to hiring an experienced debt settlement lawyer to settle your debt once and for all. For example, debt settlement may help you with one or more of the following issues:

  • Stopping collection calls;
  • Privacy from disclosing your finances (a requirement in bankruptcy);
  • Setting your own repayment plan and terms, rather than suffering under an existing plan that simply does not work with your budget;
  • Avoiding creditor harassment by routing all calls through your attorney’s law office;
  • Making one consolidated payment, rather than numerous payments to your creditors.

The debt settlement attorneys at Jordan + Pascale have decades of combined experience in providing debt settlement services to individuals throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe, and Palm Beach County. If you are looking for a debt settlement solution from experienced debt settlement lawyers, contact the law firm of Jordan + Pascale for a free consultation at 305-501-2836.