Condominium Disputes

Condominium Disputes

Condominiums offer a long list of benefits to those who decide to reside in them. Condominium unit owners have the advantage of owning property without the hassle of property maintenance, repairs, and security concerns. Condos are very popular in cities for their practical purposes, their expansive views and many times they can be more affordable than single-family homes in the same location. It is no wonder why there are many high-rise residential structures being constructed or about to open in prime South Florida locations.

However, there can be a downside to the condominium-housing boom. With more people living in close confines with each other, they are bound to display a code of respect and conduct with those they share space with. In a condominium community, there is always a possibility of having a problem or a dispute that may not be able to be resolved quickly and easily. In that event, it is important to know your rights and options and our attorneys have the substantive experience to guide you through it.

Homeowner’s Associations (HOA), condominiums and townhomes are often governed by an elected Board. This Board is usually elected by the unit/home owners on an annual basis and they make decisions regarding the daily operations of the association including rules establishment and rules enforcement. While Florida’s Statutes govern, each association can set its own rules based on the state rules.

Without doubt, disputes and litigation are common with Florida HOA’s and condo associations. HOA disputes and litigation can be with association members, vendors, builders, developers, contractors, insurers, municipalities, etc.

Legal Representation For Condo Disputes

Our law firm is highly experienced in dealing with issues involving disputes with condominium associations and homeowners’ associations throughout the South Florida area. We believe in effectively addressing legal concerns and helping clients and all parties’ involved resolve disputes in a smart and efficient manner.

In the past years, unit owners, association board members, and real estate developers have been part of Jordan + Pascale’s list of satisfied clients. Our firm’s grasp of real estate law has made them equipped to handle all situations possible when dealing with matters concerning Florida condominium laws.

We utilize a collaborative approach in dealing with each and every unique situation. Our real estate lawyers are trained to listen and extend personalized service to our clients. Thus, our clients can expect the hard work, insightful analysis, and aggressive representation that build the foundation of a successful case. We meticulously assess the situation and will discuss the various alternatives for the right resolution to your matter.

Common Sources Of Disputes

Our firm is accomplished at counseling disputes involving:

  • Due and assessments
  • Disputes and enforcement actions over bylaws and covenants
  • Disputes about common areas (access, upkeep, etc.)
  • Neighbor disputes (easements, parking, pets, vegetation, noise, etc.)
  • Allegations of fraud, favoritism or arbitrary actions of the board
  • Lease violations
  • Florida lien foreclosure or eviction
  • Tax liens and tax deeds
  • Recall petitions and election disputes
  • Property Damage
  • Unauthorized improvements or alterations
  • Breach of Contract
  • Contract disputes with property managers or service providers
  • Florida construction defect litigation
  • Defense against mechanic's liens for non-payment
  • Fraud or nonperformance or fraud by developers
  • Disputes with condo boards or management
  • Association agreements with country clubs, golf courses, marinas, etc.
  • Representation before the Department of Business and Professional Regulation

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