Property Insurance Claims

Property Insurance Claims

People purchase insurance as a guarantee of compensation should an unforeseen event happen. In the field of real estate, individuals and property owners purchase property insurance as a form of protection for events and issues that are out of their control. Once they enter into an agreement with the insurance provider, they can breath a sigh of relief knowing that they will have funds available in the face of serious damage and structural problems caused by storms or other catastrophes.

However, there are cases when the insurance policy does not materialize due to fine print and loopholes found in the insurance coverage contract. This is quite common, especially because insurance companies are on the lookout for their own financial gain. Many people fall victim to complex language that could be deceptive in purpose.

There is nothing more frustrating and time consuming, when an insurance claim is faced by a denied payment, a delayed payment, or a payment of an amount that is less than what is due. It no longer becomes an issue of money, it becomes one of justice, integrity, and honesty. Section 624.604 of the Florida Statutes states that property insurance covers damage to all personal property of every kind and of every interest therein, whether on land, water, or in the air. So if the insurance company does not live up to its end of the agreement, the policyholder has the right to challenge the decision.

Legal Property Insurance Claims

Jordan + Pascale is a South Florida law firm that has represented policyholders in property insurance claims. The law firm’s staff of aggressive lawyers is experienced in handling issues concerning breach of contract, bad-faith actions, and all pertinent matters related to property insurance claims.

Its list of clients includes individuals, small companies, and major business entities in the Miami, Palm Beach, and Broward areas. Jordan + Pascale has successfully represented and protected the rights of its clients in a professional and effective fashion.

For inquiries and concerns about property insurance claims, an in-depth discussion with any of the law firm’s legal representatives is in order. Call Jordan + Pascale today for a free consultation.

What The Law Says

According to the law, those who purchase property insurance have legal rights that have to be respected. The Florida Consumers’ Notice of Rights is a summary of Florida insurance laws that apply to property owners who purchase property insurance. As a summary, policyholders have the right to a reasonably priced policy, comprehensive coverage, accurate advertising of the policy, honest services, a readable policy, and a financially stable company that provides an economic delivery of coverage and tries to prevent further losses to the policyholder.

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If you would like a free consultation with an experienced insurance claims lawyer, contact Jordan + Pascale today to find out how you can benefit from the firm’s legal representation. The law firm has helped numerous clients protect their rights and recover monies owed by insurance companies. And Jordan + Pascale is ready to do the same for you.